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July 06 2009

Dass man sowas aber dann mit Flyern, auf denen „Schießen auf dem Schulhof“ steht unterstützt, während man zeitgleich LAN-Partys wegen „Killerspielen“ absagt, halte ich für mindestens WTF. Seriously, people, wer hat Euch wie viele Kilo Exkrement ins Gehirn geschissen?
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June 23 2009


Finally: Donkey Kong gets fixed!

Donkey Kong has a “kill screen” if the player ever makes it to level 22. On this level, the timer runs out very quickly and Jumpman [Mario] always dies before he can get past the 2nd girder.

MIT: Automatic Creation of SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Ardilla is a tool that automatically finds and exploits SQLI and XSS vulnerabilities in Web applications.

Our technique creates real attack vectors, has few false
positives, incurs no runtime overhead for the deployed application, works without requiring modification of application code, and handles dynamic programming-language constructs. We implemented the technique for PHP, in a tool Ardilla. We evaluated Ardilla on five PHP applications and found 68 previously unknown vulnerabilities (23 SQLI, 33 first-order XSS, and 12 second-order XSS).

The paper and some sample date.
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April 24 2009


Programmer Competency Matrix | IndianGeek

A complex matrix to test and rate one's programming competency.
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Intel CPU cache poisoning: dangerously easy on Linux

A anonymous security expert, found out that it's very easy to install an almost undetectable rootkit whit CPU cache poisonig on linux if you have root. How long till mr. anonymous realizes how much easier it is without CPU cache poisoning....
Darren's coworker: "I understood your point about minimum privileges. So, now service user need be in only one group: Administrators."
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Q&A session, someone asked him: "If you could do Java over again, what would you change?" "I'd leave out classes,"
Transitioning from Java Classes to JavaScript Prototypes programmer jokes
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security question
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Zensurula warnt vor Begehrlichkeiten

Tja das hätte vor dem Erlass des leyenhaften Gesetzes bedacht werden sollen.
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